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RettGive Crowdfunding Toolkit

This RettGive Crowdfunding Toolkit has everything you need to create your own RettGive campaign for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month 2022! With the guide, video, and social media images you'll find below, it's easy to get started with crowdfunding, using Awareness Month as an opportunity to reach out to your network.

Contact Chief Development Officer Tim Freeman at or 609.309.5676 with questions or to talk through your ideas.

RettGive Crowdfunding Guide

The RettGive Crowdfunding Guide details everything you need to know to set up and run a successful RettGive campaign. Downlod the guide and then use the outreach materials provided below to get your network involved in progress for a Rett syndrome cure.

RettGive Crowdfunding Instructional Video

In this short video, RSRT Chief Development Officer Tim Freeman walks you through the steps to set up your Awareness Month RettGive campaign.


Check out existing RettGive campaigns to get inspiration for yours.

RSRT Fact Sheet

You can use the fact sheet as you raise awareness and conduct outreach about Rett syndrome and RSRT's work for a cure. Attach it to your emails, share it at work or with neighbors, and spread the word!

RettGive 1-Pager

A short and sweet set of step-by-step instructions for starting a RettGive crowdfunding campaign.

Awareness Month Social Media Images

Download Rett research facts to share with your followers on social media to raise Rett syndrome awarenss. Don't forget to also link to your RettGive campaign!


Rett Fact #1

Together we will cure Rett syndrome.


Rett Fact #2

The root cause of Rett syndrome is known: alterations in a single gene, MECP2.


Rett Fact #3

Rett syndrome is not neurodegenerative -- brain cells don't die.


Rett Fact #4

Rett syndrome symptoms have been reversed in mice by restoring levels of the MECP2 protein.


Rett Fact #5

There are six strategies identified by RSRT to attack the root cause fo Rett: gene replacement, gene editing, MECP2 reactivation, RNA editing, RNA trans-splicing, and protein replacement.


Rett Fact #6

Rett syndrome is caused by alterations in a single gene called MECP2. This gene makes one of the most abundant proteins in the brain.


Rett Fact #7

Today there are 16 genetic-based Rett syndrome programs in the drug pipelines of eight biopharmaceutical companies and eight academic programs — and more to come.


Rett Fact #8

RSRT's clinical research initiatives are oriented toward research on human subjects and will help scientists conduct clinical trials for Rett syndrome treatments.


Rett Fact #9

RSRT's scientific research initiatives are helping us tackle some of today's biggest challenges to curing Rett syndrome.


Rett Fact #10

Gene replacement to treat Rett syndrome is the curative strategy closeset to the clinic. We may see a gene replacement clinical trial by the end of this year.