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Take Action

RSRT is carrying out a bold strategic research plan called CURE 360. The name reflects that we have Rett surrounded by the most promising scientific approaches. But to fully close in and achieve our goal of a cure, we urgently need your fundraising help.

Join the Cure Community

We are making incredible progress toward identifying a cure for Rett syndrome. Join the community fighting together for a cure to get regular research updates and to connect with other parents and relatives who are on this journey with you.

You’re invited to join a Cure Community Research Overview Meeting for families who want to learn more about the Rett Syndrome Research Trust’s work to cure Rett. Meetings take place monthly. Select your meeting date and register at the button below.


CURE 360 requires major funding. There’s only one way to raise that money — Rett families need to take action and do it. Please consider taking action by engaging in one of these proven, successful ways to fundraise.

Cocktails for a Cure

A social and fun way to raise research funds virtually.

Facebook Fundraisers

A simple and impactful way to leverage social media to raise money.


Join a committee of an existing event or start your own. Contact Tim.

Get Involved in Research

As we make progress toward a cure, it becomes critical for people with Rett syndrome and their family members to participate in research studies. Learn how you and your loved one can participate.

Connect With Tim –
Chief Development Officer & Rett Dad

Questions, ideas, or to get started on any of this, contact Tim. He’s a parent of a Rett child, so he wants a cure as much as you do.