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Dear Rett: Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

Dear Friends,

Back in November I posted about how we were on pace to set a new record by breaking the $6 million mark in fundraising by the end of the year. I am thrilled, elated, excited, grateful (no word quite does it justice) to report that total contributions to RSRT in 2015 came to over $6.4 million!

A huge thank you to everyone who was part of this—8,109 of you contributed to RSRT over the course of the year. Every single one of you was an important part of reaching this milestone. A special thanks to the families that held events and fundraised for us in 2015. It’s you who inspire so many to give so generously to our cause.

Of course what’s most important is how this support moves us closer and closer to changing the lives of our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, and friends’ daughters who struggle every moment of every day with Rett Syndrome. If you haven’t visited the Current Projects page of RSRT’s website recently, we enthusiastically invite you to so you can get a sense of the range of approaches that RSRT is taking to spur treatments and, ultimately, a cure. Every donation has been important to making all this possible.

As I told a friend recently, I like to think of every dollar contributed to RSRT as a single punch to Rett Syndrome—a jab to this disease in defense of our daughters. In 2015 you delivered 6.4 million punches. Rett Syndrome hasn’t been knocked to the canvas yet, but it should be afraid—very afraid—because Monica and all our funded scientists are looking for the right angle to move in for the knockout punch.

Thank you so much.

Tim Freeman