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Ready to Join the Fight?

With the launch of Roadmap to Cures 2.0, we've set an ambitious goal and need all hands on deck to achieve it. There are so many different ways to get involved. Whether it’s starting a big event or a happy hour, launching a crowdfunding campaign on RettGive, starting a fundraiser on social media platforms, or getting creative with something entirely new, we'll arm you with the tools you need to succeed. Together we can cure Rett syndrome!


Meet Tim Freeman

Tim is our Chief Development Officer and also has a daughter, Eleanor, with Rett so he gets it. He's very familiar with the day-to-day challenges, and shares your urgency on an intimate level.

He can work with you to help you get started, plan, and execute your fundraising efforts . He’s just a click away!


“We wanted to make a difference as soon as we could, so we started a RettGive campaign. RSRT staff helped every step of the way. We had no idea what to expect and were blown away when we raised over $30,000 in just a few weeks.”

Lindsay & Scott Reardon
Parents to Quinn


Tell your story in a few paragraphs, upload a picture, set a goal, and share your RettGive page far and wide. It’s that simple, get in touch and Tim can have your page up within a day.

Start an Event

Starting an event in your area is a wonderful way to raise research funds. After all, who doesn’t enjoy spending quality time with family, friends and colleagues, eating good food, and having some drinks? And all for a good cause? Events can be small, big or somewhere in between. We are here to help every step of the way.


Join an Event

Already an event happening in your area? Join the committee!

Facebook Fundraiser

You can set up and start sharing within minutes!

Roadmap to Cures 2.0

Built on decades of scientific advances Roadmap to Cures will select and drive three genetic medicines that attack the root cause of Rett syndrome to clinical trials by 2028.