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Rett in Review: Crossing Thresholds

Even scientists find it challenging to list and describe all the potential treatment and reversal approaches to Rett Syndrome. That’s a good thing. It means there are a lot of research approaches being taken, each attacking Rett from a different angle. Some research projects are seeking improvement of symptoms; others are looking for a major reversal of the disease, and there are multiple ways that each of those goals might be achieved. It’s a huge positive that there is such a range of potential treatments, but it is still important that scientists have a sense of everything that’s going on in the research, because sometimes knowledge of another scientist's project can spark an idea that may have relevance to their own project.

Rett in Review: Researchers

All this is why RSRT’s Monica Coenraads recently co-authored an article with six scientists. The article, entitled Rett Syndrome: Crossing the Threshold to Clinical Translation, appeared in this month’s issue of Trends in Neuroscience (TINS). TINS is a leading review journal that updates researchers, clinicians and anyone interested in neuroscience on the latest developments, insights, and future directions in the field. The concept for the paper came to Monica after seeing a significant increase in interest from academic and industry researchers generated by the Table of Treatments on the RSRT website. The TINS article expands on this table by providing a thorough overview of the Rett therapeutic landscape as it stands today.

NOTE: While the intended audience for the article is scientists, it’s still a fairly accessible and very informative read to the non-scientist. If you are interested in reading the full article you can:

Steve Gray, Adrian Bird and Monica Coenraads

Targets & Treatment Strategies