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A Conversation with Neurogene's Leadership

On May 18, 2022, the biopharmaceutical company Neurogene announced that they were pursuing a Rett syndrome gene replacement program, making it the eighth biopharmaceutical program that got its start with support and resources from RSRT.

Rachel McMinn, PhD, who serves as CEO, founded Neurogene in 2018, inspired by her experience with her brother, who lives with an undiagnosed neurological disease. That same year RSRT introduced Dr. McMinn to Stuart Cobb, PhD, who soon became the company’s Chief Scientific Officer. RSRT has collaborated with both Neurogene and the University of Edinburgh for a number of years. Over the past decade, RSRT has provided almost $3 million to the University of Edinburgh to support Dr. Cobb’s research on gene replacement and RNA modification approaches to cure Rett syndrome.

Dr. McMinn and Dr. Cobb joined RSRT's CEO, Monica Coenraads, on July 1, 2022, for a conversation with the Rett community that covered Neurogene's investigational gene replacement program, provided information on next steps, and answered key questions from the Rett community.


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