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Reverse Rett Mountaineer Tailgate

TBD West Virginia

Event Postponed   With love and optimism in our hearts, we invite you to attend and support our first event benefiting the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Our daughter Ophelia and 350,000 others around the world are afflicted with this devastating neurological disorder. RSRT is advancing research that is so promising…

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Reverse Rett Minneapolis

TBD Minnesota

We’re so sorry to say that our 2020 event is cancelled. All of our health and safety is most important now. If you have not already supported the event, we would be so grateful if you can. Please join us for the Third Annual Reverse Rett Minneapolis! Last year, thanks…

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Miracle for Molly

TBD New Jersey

Our 2020 event is postponed. We will let you know a new date asap. We are beyond excited for the Fifth Annual Miracle for Molly at the Merion! Thanks to incredible support from so many friends and family, over the last five years our event has raised nearly $400,000 for…

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Reverse Rett Cape Cod 2020

TBD Massachussetts

OUR 2020 EVENT IS POSTPONED. WE WILL LET YOU KNOW A NEW DATE ASAP. We are thrilled to invite you to the Cape Cod Kentucky Derby Party!  This party has always been a big success due to the unwavering support of our family and friends.  Please join us as we…

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Reverse Rett Chicago

TBD Illinois

Dear Friends, Our family and the Rett Syndrome Research Trust wish you good health during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are canceling the Sixth Annual Reverse Rett Chicago 2020. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our generous sponsors and those who purchased tickets. In…

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Reverse Rett Upstate New York

TBD New York

We’re so sorry to say our 2020 event is postponed to next year due to the coronavirus crisis. If you can, we ask you to please consider supporting our cause. Every dollar helps the Rett Syndrome Research Trust carry out its mission to cure this disorder for our loved ones…

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Reverse Rett Philadelphia

TBD Pennsylvania

Our 2020 event is postponed until next year. Thank you so much to those who have supported. We recognize what a challenging and uncertain time this is. If you haven’t contributed to the event yet this year and are able to, we would be so grateful. Sponsorship level donations will…

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Let’s Flamingle for a Cure

TBD Ohio

We’re so sorry to say that our 2020 event is canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. Everyone’s health is most important. While the coronavirus can stop our event, it does not diminish our sense of urgency to cure Rett Syndrome. If it’s possible for you to make a contribution to…

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Reverse Rett Boise 2020

TBD Idaho

We’re so sorry to say that the 2020 Reverse Rett Boise is cancelled. While the coronavirus has stopped our event, it does not need to stop us all from making a difference to advancing research on Rett Syndrome. If you are able to make a donation, we would be so…

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