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Rett Syndrome Genetic Medicines Summit 2023

In 2023 we hosted the first meeting of its kind with biopharma companies front and center. The Summit gathered basic scientists, pre-clinical, clinical, and regulatory experts to foster discussion, refine expectations, and identify best practices to expedite genetic medicine development.

Summit Program Book

Summit Program Book

RSRT invited 130 scientists and clinicians from 20 academic institutions, 43 biopharmaceutical companies, NIH and FDA to participate at the Summit via presentations, panel discussions and poster session.

In Their Own Words

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"RSRT has done an incredible job. The number of modalities and the caliber of intellect in the room is off the charts high. These are the top people in their fields and they're interested in Rett syndrome. That's not easy to do."

Rachel McMinn, PhD
CEO, Neurogene