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VIDEOS: “Curing Rett Syndrome – How Do We Get There?”

May 17, 2013

On April 23rd in New York City RSRT presented an event entitled "Curing Rett Syndrome – How Do We Get There?" The event was videotaped and is now available on RSRT's YouTube channel.

Curing Rett Syndrome – How Do We Get There?

Monica Coenraads
Executive Director of RSRT

Monica gives an overview of the various approaches from gene therapy to drug screens and everything in between that are being pursued to cure Rett Syndrome. We encourage you to invest 30 minutes of your time and arm yourselves with the facts.

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Gene Awakenings for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

Ben Philpot, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Late last year RSRT made a $2.2 million investment in the labs of Ben Philpot and his colleagues to conduct a screen to identify compounds that can unsilence a healthy copy of the mutated Rett gene. The screen is now up and running. Learn the basics of how the screen works and why we are optimistic about this approach.

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