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Taysha Cleared to Dose Second Patient in Gene Therapy Trial

We are delighted to share the news that Taysha Gene Therapies has been cleared to proceed with dosing a second patient with TSHA-102 gene therapy. A letter from Taysha to the Rett community and link to their press release is below. Dosing of patient #2 is expected to occur in the third quarter of this year. Later this summer, Taysha plans to provide a safety and efficacy update on patient #1. We look forward to sharing that update with the Rett community as soon as it’s available.

This is another important step on RSRT’s roadmap to a cure. The fact that data warrants continuation of the trial to a second patient is promising. We are, as always at RSRT, cautiously optimistic. We are also proud of our integral role in making this clinical trial possible. RSRT has championed gene therapy for Rett syndrome for almost 15 years, with more than $10 million invested in this approach, including major funding to Steve Gray, PhD, who created a mechanism to control the level of MECP2 expression that is part of the Taysha product, and to our trustee and close advisor, Adrian Bird, PhD, who developed the MECP2 “mini-gene” that the Taysha clinical trial delivers.

Thank you to the Rett families that fundraise for RSRT, and to all your friends and colleagues who support us so generously and loyally. Without you, we would not be in this exciting stage with gene therapy. Your support going forward to ensure our continued momentum is more important than ever.

Last but certainly not least, we offer our profound gratitude to the Rett patients and their families who are participants in this clinical trial. Your pioneering spirit is a shining example of courage and determination.

Monica Coenraads