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Support RSRT While You Shop

There are several ways to support RSRT while you’re doing your holiday shopping. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and is an easy way to give back. The percentage of each purchase that goes to RSRT tends to be quite small (usually .5% to 5%). So while it’s not a substitute for making your own contribution, every dollar counts and if you’re shopping anyway you might as well support the research!

Ready, Set, Shop!

Take a few minutes to set these up. Then, keep in mind that it's important to share with your entire network of friends and family. The only way these services become effective is if we get thousands of people on board!


Most of you already use Amazon Smile. But it doesn't hurt to double check. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the US so it's important to share with everyone you know. Our specific URL is:

TIP: Bookmark the link above to use when you shop!


Goodshop has tons of great coupons available allowing you to save money and donate at the same time. It's definitely a WIN WIN. It's easy to set up, just look up "Rett Syndrome Research Trust" here to get started:

TIP: Some retailers offer higher percentages of donations.


Dlyte is a new service that we really like since they focus specifically on gift cards with big brands. Everyone likes to grab a gift card for a good stocking stuffer or even gifts for coworkers. Different companies donate a different percentage. Check out our page here to get started and register quickly:


iGive is an oldie but a goodie! Registration is simple, and once you are set up you can choose from a HUGE list of online retailers and companies that will donate a percentage to RSRT. This is good for when you have a particular gift in mind, you can usually find the company you are looking for and follow the link through iGive site. Start here:

Donate your Rewards

Do you have airline miles that are about to expire? Are you switching credit cards and have unused credit card reward points on your old card? Instead of letting your reward points go to waste, make a difference and donate them to charity.

Many credit card companies make it easy for you to donate your credit card reward points and miles to charity. You simply log into your account and click on the “Redeem Rewards” link and then donate your unused points the same way you redeem them for cash or merchandise. You can also call your credit card issuer and donate by phone.

Happy Shopping!