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Crowdfunding for Rett

June 6, 2016

We’re tremendously excited by the research progress we’ve achieved through the enthusiastic support of our tenacious community. More than 50% of RSRT’s donations come to us via events that are spearheaded by affected families and their friends. We recognize however that holding events isn’t always feasible for families and loved ones. What if we could exponentially increase our impact on the research by allowing people to fundraise virtually….anytime and from anywhere in the world? How much quicker would we have our cure?

We are thrilled to announce that RSRT is launching RettGive—our own, YOUR OWN!, crowdfunding platform that makes it easy, effective, and enjoyable to join the cause and make a real impact. Anytime. Anywhere.

Online crowdfunding is not exactly a new fundraising model, but we felt that existing platforms were fragmented, did not allow for creative expression, and were laden with expensive third-party fees. That’s money that could be going directly to Rett laboratories instead of crowdfunding companies.

How is RettGive different, you ask?

  • A unified voice. This is a platform specifically designed for the Rett community. RettGive offers us a common voice and a common goal.
  • It’s easy to use. We promise we’ve made it simple for you to start fundraising today. No IT degree necessary.
  • We’ve cut out the middle man by eliminating third-party fees. That means more money going directly to research.
  • It’s personal. We enable families to tell their inspirational stories with photos and video content, putting a real face to our cause.
  • We’ve put the talents and experience of a graphic designer at your fingertips to ensure your campaign's success!

In summary, while RettGive is not meant to be a substitute for real-time events, it empowers everyone to easily take part in the global effort to eradicate Rett Syndrome.

Together we can make Rett history. Are you in?