Rett Fact Cards

Next time you find yourself answering questions about your child and Rett Syndrome with people you meet at a restaurant, school function or standing in line at the grocery check out, whip out a personalized Rett Fact Card.  Fill out the form below and (within 1-2 business days) we’ll send you the PDF files that you can print locally.

NOTE: We no longer offer printing services as it is much faster and affordable to print locally.

RSRT Rett Fact Cards

1. complete the form

(The name that will appear on the card)

2. Upload an image

For best results, upload a good quality photo (taken with digital camera or by pro) in landscape/horizontal format. Please view an example here for reference.

Upload full res photo to Pasteboard and paste the link here:

If you prefer to email the photo, please click here and be sure to include your name.