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The budget for Roadmap to a Cure is $33 Million and we have $2.6 Million left to raise. Now's the time to be part of changing your child's or loved one's life. Don't wait! Take action TODAY. Here's what you can do...

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RettGive is RSRT's crowdfunding platform. It's super easy to do. You give us the material and we do all the work to set it up.

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Fundraising on Facebook is easy and effective. Follow the link below, click "Raise Money" and type in "Rett Syndrome Research Trust", then follow the steps to start raising money. Ask your friends to do the same.

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Start an Event

Events are the backbone of our fundraising. From galas to backyard BBQs, your event can be whatever you envision. Contact Us to get started.

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Join a Committee

We have events all over the country. Whether you live close by to an existing event or have relatives and friends who do, consider getting involved.

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Roadmap to a Cure Trailblazers

Become a Roadmap Trailblazer. These are families and friends who have pledged $10,000 or more that can be paid over 3 years.
Contact Us to make a pledge.

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Here are three reasons why making your own contribution really matters:

  1. As with all donations to RSRT an average of 96 cents of every dollar goes right to the research. So you can be sure your donation is making an impact!
  2. Donating yourself adds to our total raised, which helps inspire other potential supporters. Every dollar counts.
  3. We hear from so many families that the moment they give they feel empowered because they know they are making a direct difference to their loved one's life.

Are You In?

We love a child with Rett. We know the daily challenges that come with Rett. So when we ask you to take one of these actions, we don't do it lightly. But we do it. Because it's critical to all of our children's futures. Whether you choose one of the options above or just want to reach out to brainstorm new ideas, now is the time to get involved.

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