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Alba Tull

Alba Tull

Alba Tull joined the RSRT board in 2016. Her interest in Rett syndrome is inspired by a friend’s daughter who has the disorder.

Based in Los Angeles, Alba is a multi-disciplined fine art gallery and commercial photographer and film director who has established herself in the industry by working with some of the most iconic personalities of our time.

Alba’s photography portfolio and gallery work features a diverse set of subjects, including Harrison Ford, Charlie Hunnam, Willie Nelson, Billy Bob Thornton, Olivia Wilde, Chadwick Boseman, Joe Manganiello, Paula Patton, and Laura Haddock. She served as the associate producer and was the principal photographer on Davis Guggenheim’s acclaimed 2008 rock documentary It Might Get Loud, where she showcased musicians, including Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge – work that was later featured in an exhibition at the Toronto Film Festival. Her images have been featured in national publications such as Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone Magazine, and more widely when she served as the official photographer for a White House event where President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted and screened the critically-acclaimed movie 42.

Alba’s additional work with film includes serving as an executive producer for the acclaimed baseball documentary, Fast Ball, featuring legends Hank Aaron, Nolan Ryan, Bob Gibson, and Derek Jeter, as well as writers and scientists who explore how the magic of baseball can boil down to the 396 milliseconds it takes a 100 mph fastball to reach home plate. Alba’s photography has also been featured on movie posters and key marketing materials for Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures release of Crimson Peak starring Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam, and Mia Wasikowski as well as the movie Warcraft based on the Blizzard universe and directed by Duncan Jones.

She is currently at work on a photography book, in partnership with Guillermo del Toro, designed to capture the tragic beauty in historic and sacred resting places around the world.

Alba is deeply concerned with the world around her and chairs the Tull Family Foundation (TFF), which she founded with her husband, Thomas, to philanthropically serve the areas of education, life sciences, and wildlife conservation. TFF is also focused on ensuring the safety of children and providing access to opportunity and mentors for disadvantaged youth so that they can achieve and succeed, in school and beyond, issues about which Alba is passionate. Alba serves on the board of directors of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center, The Jackie Robinson Foundation, and the AC Roma Soccer Team. She is an ambassador for the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases and is a member of Carnegie Mellon University’s Highlands Circle.