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Reverse Rett Minneapolis 2021

Reverse Rett Minneapolis 2021

We won’t be holding an event in 2021. But we hope very much that you will support this cause as generously as you have in past years. We’re leaving our sponsorship levels up so you can make as big a difference to the research as always!

350,000 people are affected by this devastating disorder. Remarkably, Rett has been successfully reversed in mouse models. Funding is urgently needed to help the Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT), our non-profit beneficiary, translate this reversal to the children and adults who live with Rett Syndrome. To achieve this, RSRT is carrying out a bold initiative called CURE 360, reflecting the fact that it has Rett surrounded with the most promising research approaches and is closing in on a cure. Importantly, RSRT is facilitating the involvement of the biopharma industry to advance lab research to clinical trials.

All we do is in honor of Sarah & Lindsay Knapp’s niece, Kate Backer, who is afflicted with Rett Syndrome, and in loving memory of Elli Anderson and Sara Bea, whose lives were taken far too soon by the disorder.

Every dollar matters! Thank you with all our hearts.

In Honor Of

  • Elli Anderson
  • Kate Backer
  • Sara Bea


  • Amy & Joel Anderson
  • Mary & Dave Backer
  • Vita & Javon Bea
  • Sarenja & Shane Betz
  • Teresa & Ryan Garry
  • Alyssa & Jon Hammar
  • Teri & Jeff Hovanec
  • Mary & Scott Kelley
  • Sarah & Lindsay Knapp
  • Kari & Chris Mawn
  • Elizabeth & Dan Mayleben
  • Kathy & Keith Nelsen
  • Maria & Tim Neuner
  • Rebecca & David Remick
  • Kelly Van Stone & Dr. Joel Hutcheson
  • Kate Sullivan
  • Beth & Mark Waterloo
  • Julie & Jim Wohlford

Junior Committee

  • Sawyer Anderson
  • Kate & Claire Backer
  • Gabby Betz
  • Rylee Garry
  • Olivia Hammar
  • Riley & Thomas Knapp
  • Alex, Hunter & Tori Mawn
  • Gracie & Max Nelsen
  • Benjamin & Katherine Neuner
  • Adam, Alex & Melissa Remick

Sponsorship Opportunities


Make A Donation

Make Checks Payable To
Rett Syndrome Research Trust
67 Under Cliff Road
TrumbullCT 06611
Please write “Reverse Rett Minneapolis 2021” on the memo line of your check.