TheRoadmap to a Cure

Roadmap to a Cure will cost $33 million. Raising this amount quickly requires the urgent support of the global Rett community. We’re asking Rett families and their networks of relatives, friends, and colleagues in the U.S. and around the world to make three-year “stretch” pledges – commitments to support our bold research plan that reflect the unique opportunity we have now, as never before, to drive the research to a cure. This could be the most important investment you ever make for a child with Rett.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to pledge to Roadmap to a Cure, or if you know someone who might.
Pledges can be paid out on a schedule that’s comfortable for you.*

Total pledged to Roadmap to a Cure:

We recognize the following Trailblazers who have made exceptionally generous multi-year pledges:

Roadmap Navigators

$1 Million and Above

Kathy & Tony Schoener


Reverse Rett (UK)

Roadmap Groundbreakers

$500,000 - $999,999

Francis Kamien & Lawrence Mattis

Alba & Thomas Tull

Girl Power 2 Cure

Roadmap Pioneers

$100,000 - $499,999

Marjorie & Walter Buckley

Lynn Babington & Randy Carpenter

Heidi & Jonathan Epstein

Jennifer & Bud Gruenberg

Laurie & Mike Meyer

Catherine & John Romano

Audra & Jim Small

Ellen & Marc Tesler

Roadmap Discoverers

$50,000 - $99,999

Allison & Kevin Foley

Ana & Marco Innocenti

Yvonne & Kevin Kinzler

Valerie & Jacque Riviere

Marci & Rudy Valner

Rett Syndrom Deutschland

Roadmap Explorers

$25,000 - $49,999

Thomas Atlas

Roxanne Batterman & Ramez Fiani

Adrian Bird

Stephanie & Joaquin Bouzas

Monica & Pieter Coenraads

Cari & Rene Dasen

Amy & John Gilliland

Hope Goldstein

Brenna & Michael Johnson

Debbie & Charles Morris

Amy & Tony Pasquariello

Innes & Dmitri Smolansky

Meena Vendal & Sam Rumi

Maggie & Gene Rogers

A. Bruce & Daphne Thomas

Crush Rett Syndrome

Edward W Langel Realtors - Listings For Good

Roadmap Travelers

$10,000 - $24,999

Mary & Dave Backer

Stephanie & Andy Bohn

Annie & Ryan Boucher

Andrea & Ron Bryman

Sheila & Jeremy Chess & Family

Rachel Clarke & Tim Freeman

Dominique & Kevin Coloton

Nithin Eapen

Elizabeth & Jonathan Easton

Juliann & Andrew Edwards

Aimee & Albert Fini

Dorothy & James Freeman

Liz & Chris Griffett

Nicole & Jeremy Hallsey

Melissa & Mark Helffrich

Cory & Art Henkel

Anna & Robin Luce & Family

Lenka & Stuart Offner

Ann & Jim Papesch

Colleen & Jeff Peterson

Nancy Prendergast & Gus Pichard

Jesse & Jeremy Randol

Marsha & Paul Rothschild

Rachel & Jason Rothschild

Brad Zelinger

RSRT relies on individual donors to carry out the ambitious and potentially historic goals of Roadmap to a Cure. Every contribution matters. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all our generous supporters.

* If you are already involved in an RSRT event, your stretch pledge “counts” as a sponsorship and will be recognized in event materials.