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For Love of Lily

Dear friends and family,

We were overwhelmed by your incredible support of For Love of Lily.  Your great generosity resulted in over $70,000 for research on Rett Syndrome.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion, your thoughtfulness, and for making a difference.

We hope you came away from the evening feeling as optimistic as we do about the research progress and about the future for Lily and the 350,000 other girls and women who so bravely struggle with this terrible disorder.

Our warmest and most sincere thanks to everyone.

Ann McKenna Fromm & Bill Payne


Event Chairs

Ann Fromm & Bill Payne

Event Committee

  • Malin Delling & Devin Fromm (Lily’s parents)
  • Allison Fromm & Bill Laboon
  • Jay & Colleen McKenna
  • Ed & Patsy McKenna
  • Marian J. McKenna
  • Kay Gavigan & Bill Dixon
  • Dan Schreibeis
  • Sue Rielly
  • Marilyn & Howard Bruschi
  • Janet & John Conomos
  • Kathy & Roger Friday
  • Rozzie & Hersh Segal
  • Lonnie & Paul Carey
  • Marti Beard & Larry Succop
  • Jane & Howard Voigt
  • Julia & Larry Ondako

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