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EVAning of Hope

We are overwhelmed by the incredible support and compassion of so many people. Thanks to you, we set new records this year at EVAning of Hope, with more than 400 people attending and total dollars raised of almost $230,000. This is remarkable, and all of you, our amazing friends and family, made it happen. Most important of all is the impact this will have on Eva and all girls and women with Rett. RSRT’s strategic plan, Roadmap to a Cure, is prioritizing four potentially curative approaches, with gene therapy as the lead program. The first ever human clinical trial for Rett in gene therapy is being planned now.


One day soon we know we will all be celebrating together when Rett Syndrome has been cured. Until that day, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your tremendous support and commitment to Eva and 350,000 other girls and women who struggle with Rett Syndrome.


Albert Fini
Aimee Fini
Chris Fiorillo
Dr. Gerard Galarneau
Cynthia Ilardi
Michelle Patel

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