Rett Syndrome Biorepository

Coriell Institute for Medical Research

$135,000 AWARDED

Coriell Institute offers the world’s most diverse collection of biological samples for research. We have engaged Coriell Institute to store, maintain and distribute our collection of Rett Syndrome cell lines expanded from skin and blood samples donated from Rett families including fibroblasts from skin biopsies, lymphocytes from whole blood, and induced pluriopotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Our collection includes MECP2 point mutations and deletions and makes a significant number of various Rett mutations available to the larger research community. The RSRT Rett collection will be made available to qualified scientists working on projects dedicated to treating Rett Syndrome whether in academia or industry. RSRT will retain oversight of these valuable resources by reviewing and approving the planned research for each distribution request.

Current Projects