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Reverse Rett Washington DC 2020
Wednesday, November 18, 2020
6:30 PM
Join our virtual event at

Reverse Rett Washington DC 2020 (404)

Research on Rett Syndrome is more urgent than ever. Our loved ones with Rett struggle with underlying health issues and are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. We simply must change their lives. All our hopes and dreams lie with the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, the non-profit in which we place tremendous confidence. And all our hopes and dreams lie with you, our loyal supporters who make this research happen.

This year’s Reverse Rett DC will be virtual. Your support will have a more focused impact than ever. Every donation and sponsorship will go to an especially promising RSRT project: The Rett Syndrome Gene Therapy Program at the University of Pennsylvania. The UPENN program is led by pioneering gene therapy expert Dr. James Wilson, who discovered the AAV9 vector, the gold standard for delivering healthy genetic material. One of Dr. Wilson’s key goals is improving delivery of genes to the brain, crucial to the success of gene therapy for Rett.

We ask for your most generous support to help RSRT carry out this project and change 350,000 lives. Thank you with all our hearts.


  • Amy & John Gilliland
  • Rebecca & Genc Zaja


  • Sukanya & Anthony Blackman
  • Kathrine & Anthony Calderazzi
  • Jacquelyn & Philip Carden
  • Kaylee Christensen
  • Ayeh Ekbatani
  • Kellie Forsyth & Grant Simard
  • Ann & Bruce Goodman
  • Beth & Kevin Howard
  • Ashley Hunnicutt
  • Houman Jalali
  • Angie & Brian Keesee
  • Renata & Leo Leondaridis
  • Doris Lee & Jeremy Martin
  • Allison & Brett Meringoff
  • Samira Milani
  • Lisa & Rusty Morrison
  • Rebecca Post & Steffen Frey
  • Emilie & Will Rabke
  • Valerie & Jacques Riviere
  • Vasudha & Neeraj Singh
  • Jessica Smeby
  • Sharon & Kevin Starkey
  • Dr. Bruce Thomas
  • Dr. Daphne Thomas Kasperek & Thomas Kasperek
  • Kimia Tran

Sponsorship Opportunities


Supports the project’s collaboration with the UPENN Vector Core Services, which has over a decade of experience in the production of viral-based vectors for gene transfer

  • Featured on webpage
  • Zoom call with researchers

Supports therapeutic efficacy studies that will assess the vector’s impact

  • Featured on webpage
  • Zoom call with researchers

Funds toxicology studies that ensure proper dosage amount and safety

  • Listing on webpage

Helps defray the cost of preparing an Investigational New Drug Application that will set the stage for clinical trials

  • Listing on webpage

Supports attendance at scientific meetings to review results, key to translation of discoveries to clinical impact

  • Listing on webpage

Helps support the cost of equipment and supplies vital to the project

  • Listing on webpage

Make A Donation

Make Checks Payable To
Rett Syndrome Research Trust
67 Under Cliff Road
TrumbullCT 06611
Please write “Reverse Rett Washington DC 2020” on the memo line of your check.