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Reverse Rett Boise 2020

Reverse Rett Boise 2020

We’re so sorry to say that the 2020 Reverse Rett Boise is cancelled. While the coronavirus has stopped our event, it does not need to stop us all from making a difference to advancing research on Rett Syndrome. If you are able to make a donation, we would be so grateful. Every dollar moves us closer to a cure for our loved ones and 350,000 other afflicted children and adults. Thank you with all our hearts.


  • Megan & Drew Case


  • Kalli & Justin Bell
  • Michelle Buckert
  • Howard & Marla Case
  • Mary Case
  • Kathy Cotton
  • Brian Thom & Ardele Hanson
  • Judy & Butch Heatwole
  • Keri Hill
  • Jennifer Landry
  • Kandy Larson-Hallstrom
  • Sandra Munsee
  • Shauna Murray
  • Olivia Murri-Lolley
  • Melissa Thom

Make A Donation

Make Checks Payable To
Rett Syndrome Research Trust
67 Under Cliff Road
TrumbullCT 06611
Please write “Reverse Rett Boise 2020” on the memo line of your check.