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Rett Syndrome Research Trust
Virtual Evaning of Hope 2021
Wednesday, July 21, 2021
7:00 PM
There is no ticket price for joining the virtual event. Sponsors & donors at any level will have access.
Virtual Event

Virtual Evaning of Hope 2021

For Dani, Dominique, Gabriela, Gracie, Mabel, Nora, Shannon, Skylar, & Eva

We’re so excited for our 2021 virtual event! Despite the pandemic, research on Rett Syndrome continues full speed ahead. In fact, thanks to support from so many, last year the Rett Syndrome Research Trust successfully completed its strategic research plan, Roadmap to a Cure, putting it in position to work with biopharma to advance academic research to clinical trials. Through a new initiative called CURE 360 RSRT is doing exactly that. Six biopharma companies already have Rett programs. Your support is more important than ever to continue this remarkable momentum and change the lives of the 350,000 children and adults who struggle so bravely with this devastating disorder. Thank you with all our hearts.

Evaning of Hope Committee

  • Shannon Albanese
  • Carla Alfieri
  • Albert Fini
  • Aimee Fini
  • Chris Fiorillo
  • Dr. Gerard Galarneau
  • Cynthia Ilardi
  • Michelle Patel

Rett Family Committee

  • Amanda & Chris Cope
  • Anna & Paul Estep
  • Amanda & James Hurley
  • Brett & Emily Knight
  • Helen & Ken Lynch
  • Paula Southren
  • Rose Marie & Darren Swoboda
  • Cindy & Joe Tangney

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Eva’s Supporters
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*if received by May 1
**if received by June 21

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Make A Donation

Make Checks Payable To
Rett Syndrome Research Trust
67 Under Cliff Road
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Please write “Virtual Evaning of Hope 2021” on the memo line of your check.