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On the Shoulders of Giants

January 24, 2019Fundraising, Research

2019 started with the exciting announcement that our 2018 research awards totaled $10 million! We take our hats off to the hundreds of Rett families who put their urgency and passion to work raising funds and to our colleague, Tim Freeman, who leads this impressive effort. Although we personally are…

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Three Stars and
Prouder than Ever

January 17, 2019Fundraising, In The News

I’m proud to say that RSRT once again received a three-star rating from Charity Navigator, the organization that assesses the transparency, financial health, and efficiency of non-profits.  The “top” rating is four stars. You might say to me—Tim, are you sure you should be so proud to have three stars…

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Confessions of a Novice Event Planner

October 23, 2018Fundraising, Success Stories

Let me start by disclosing that I am not an event planner nor am I experienced in the world of fundraising or social advocacy. I am a psychologist, an introvert, a dreamer, a neophyte on social media, and most importantly, I am a mom. Before reaching out to RSRT, I…

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Igniting Hope

April 13, 2018Fundraising, Success Stories

The days and months after we received the Rett Syndrome diagnosis for our young daughter, Natalie, were the darkest of our lives. There were times that the grief felt insurmountable, that we’d spend the rest of our lives in this shroud of hopelessness. We kept this mostly to ourselves, save…

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Making It Count

March 12, 2018Fundraising, Research

I’ve blogged about how RSRT solicits and reviews proposals. But what happens once an award is made? For most funding organizations making the award is the last step in the process. The MO (modus operandi) is “congratulations on the award, good luck and send us a report in a year…

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Home Team Advantage

March 9, 2018Community, Fundraising

I’m not a big football fan, but I admit I got caught up in the Eagles’ recent win. I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia and I still live in the area, so how could I not? They’re my home team. (Apologies to Pats fans.) It got me thinking…

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$14,230,348 and 2 cents

December 21, 2017Fundraising

That’s the total that has been contributed so far in donations and pledges towards our three-year goal of $33 million, which is the amount that RSRT needs to carry out its strategic research plan, Roadmap to a Cure. Those funds represent the generosity and compassion of 11,167 individual and family…

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