Ask Dr. Carpenter

RSRT’s Chief Scientific Officer, Randy Carpenter, has been on the job for just over 4 months. During this time he has immersed himself in everything Rett doing a lot of reading, traveling and meeting with the scientific and clinical community as well as industry executives. Dr. Carpenter’s background in medicine and drug discovery gained through decades of working in the pharmaceutical industry will undoubtedly accelerate RSRT’s mission of delivering treatments and a cure. 

Today we are excited to put Dr. Carpenter’s skillset and experience at your disposal. We are launching a monthly blog post, “Ask Dr. Carpenter” that will provide an opportunity for parents, grandparents and anyone who loves a child or adult with Rett or related disorder to ask a question about anything going on in the Rett world. So during the next few days please ask any questions that come to mind. Dr. Carpenter will choose several and provide answers, right here on our blog!

UPDATE: See Dr. Carpenter’s answers here.